Monday, November 15, 2010

Seahorse Maid

Acrylic on watercolor board

This is one of the paintings I did yesterday at the 'artist play-date' I went to. I think the day was a rousing success, there were 8 that showed and we just hung out and worked on whatever interested us, whatever medium we wanted.. and had snacks :)... the day flew by. I got far more done in those 3 hours than I would have in 3 hours at home. Looking forward to doing it again next month!


  1. brilliant idea! you should compile a number of these for a presentation. i could see a story book coming from that character.

  2. Starr, this is great. Your pieces all have such continuity and flow. And I had a day like that a couple of weeks ago. Got stuff done (some quilt squares I've been procrastinating over) and got caught up with friends as well. Win win.

  3. what a great thing to do, I should have to try this some day with my peers. bright colors i luv it!



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