Wednesday, May 11, 2011

doodles, doodles and more doodles

abstract acrylic painting

 6 x 6
acrylic on canvas

I spent Sunday watching Van Gogh movies, Lust for Life and Vincent and Theo, and the painting above is what happened when I paid no attention to what I was painting.  I don't think there's a lick of Van Gogh's influence... but I was definately paying more attention to the movies. It was ALOT of fun... no worries about how it would turn out, no thinking how to achieve this effect or that... and although it's a painting of absolutely nothing I kinda like it. It was freeing.. I think I'll do it more often.

tibetan sphynx cat pencil sketch


This is a rough sketch of the painting I was half through when I stopped and painted the weirdness above it. It's a sphynx cat / tibetan skull ... thing.

painting on coyote skull

rose on coyote skull

painting on coyote skull
rose on coyote skull

This is what I did on Mother's Day. As usual the second sunday of every month I go 'play art' with some other local artists... I knew most wouldn't be showing this month because it was Mother's Day, so I took my mom, my oldest son and my husband with me. The 'theme' this month was "dimensionality", and the skull was given to me by my friend Joey so I'd have something 'dimensional' to paint. I spent most of the time sketching on it and finally settled on that rose as a starter... I liked the rose, but by the time I'd gotten home I hated the placement so I washed it off. I am glad that TeeJay got some pics of it.. I yanked them from her blog... Just TeeJay's Blog.

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