Thursday, February 17, 2011

Crab Cake acrylic painting SOLD

Crab Cake Acrylic Painting

8 x 8

Acrylic on canvas

This was originally going to be a rastafarian crab, however I came across another online done almost exactly like I'd pictured mine... couldn't do it after that. :) I like this idea better anyway... and he has sprinkles!!!! Half way through I decided this would be part of a diptych... so I'm off to paint his other half, stay tuned :)


  1. Oh... this is too much fun. I love it! So funny and clever. And wow - it is painted fantastically! You are on a roll. I love all these morphing-paintings you're doing : )

  2. He's delectable! But I prefer to think of the 'sprinkles' as jimmies

  3. How cute!!! He looks so yummy!!!!



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