Wednesday, September 29, 2010

I'm Back!!

I've not been around much because I got married, took a honeymoon road trip and then moved into a new place. phew!

I'm back now and bearing pics of strange and random things seen on the road trip.... and one piece of art I've done in my very own studio in the new house... yay!

So without further ado....

Does this need Hello Kitty mudflaps or what??

There seems to be no explanation for this but we had fun coming up with reasons Scott was apparently so opposed.

This door leading nowhere is part of the Esperanza Mansion ( We stayed there one night and it's gorgeous.... but it was a senseless door we got a picture of.

"Smellie's Rexall"


Inna gadda da vida honey.......

This was supposed to be a 'cute' rip of the traditional old school panther tattoo design that got waaaaaay out of control.

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