Monday, January 18, 2010

General Artist Dissatisfaction

In my never-ending quest to actually complete a cohesive body of work and my attention span of a gnat, I've decided to use my recent animal skull work as studies instead of the actual thing. I am generally dissatisfied with all of them for various reasons, but like them enough not to entirely abandon them. Most I'm planning on only changing a little, a few will be drastically different. Some of my dissatisfaction comes simply from the fact that I was so eager to try out a new medium that I didn't plan out how the finished work would look. Also I've been taking some time to view Georgia O'Keefe's skull work and feel that mine fails miserably in comparison lol. I like the simplicity of her work and have a problem with that in my own... if I keep it simple I think in the back of my head that 'there's not enough to that' when it's done.

I may never be able to fill a wall somewhere and say 'there, I did that', but I am having fun... I am constantly mulling over new ideas (quite possibly why I change direction so often)... always looking forward to a few hours here and there to work, and frequently frustrated that I don't have more time.

A thought occurred to me the other day... I could theoretically take a week off... rent a hotel room and barricade myself and my art supplies behind the door. I'm pretty sure I could get the time from work. I'm also sure that my man would be thoroughly understanding and supportive. Wouldn't that be a wonderful idea? An art vacation! And why have I not thrown the idea out there yet? Hmmmmmm

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