Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 ready, set, go....

Wow, what a lame blog this has turned out to be! It's not that I haven't been creating since my last entry... in, what, April?... I just either haven't thought it was earth-shatteringly important enough to share (fear of rejection anyone?) or I just forgot this blog existed for months at a stretch (really?? yup).

So, in the interest of lighting a fire under my ass and facing my fears, I will be introducing you to my latest subject of interest..... skulls. Animal skulls to be exact. I have also begun watercolor painting.. and I mean begun as in maybe a whole month ago.

This is the skull of the greater flamingo...

Obviously a rough sketch... the plan is to turn it into a finished painting tonight and then actually post it here!!! Tune in tomorrow boys and girls, and feel free to verbally flog me if I slack off on my first post of 2010.

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